Our Audience

ALR has relationships with 80% of the top 150 auto groups in the U.S. and many OEMs. The reason everyone wants to work with top dealers in the country is because OEMs and other dealers are able to watch and imitate their best practices, while their thought leadership shapes the products and services of the companies they work with. However, it is very difficult to reach this exclusive group of leaders because of their limited time and access, which makes it all the more important to develop meaningful connections where these leaders focus their attention.

ALR has broken down their contacts into 8 buckets:

Automotive Industry:

  1. Top 150 Auto Group Executives
  2. Top 150 Auto Group General Managers
  3. State/National Association Leaders
  4. Tier 3 awarded dealers

ALR Followers:

  1. ALR Subscribers
  2. ALR previous dealer attendees


  1. Allied Industry
  2. Influencers

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The ALR webinar series is launching May 10, 2019 and will feature a monthly high-powered talk from industry thought leaders and the most admirable brands in automotive. ALR is looking for subject matter experts to educate, inform and inspire it’s automotive leaders. ALR hosts webinars on the second Thursday of the month. We currently have webinar slots open on the dates below. Please fill out the form to the right to get the process started and host a webinar with us. We are offering a discounted price to the first five months of our webinar series.

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October 11, 2019: $3,995

November 8, 2019: $3,995

December 13, 2019: $3,995

Webinar Promotion

ALR will promote your webinar via social media and email marketing and will give you creative assets for you to use for promotions on your own.

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